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Previous gigs you've already missed :(

The Portland Arms, Cambridge 22nd June 2002
Greenmind presents

Aqualenium, Preston 10th July 2001
With Birdman

The Zodiac, Oxford 16th June 2001
Support to the almight Nought

The Ferryboat, Norwich 14th June 2001
'A fine city'.A WombatWombat night with The Charlie Horse and Others

The Lomax, Liverpool 13th June 2001
with Nought and Flamingo 50

Upstairs at the Garage, London 1st June 2001
A Silver Rocket Night with Six Ray Sun

Ibis Club, Kendal 31st May 2001
A gig organized by the kids of Kendal

The Masque, Liverpool 7th May 2001
A people not profit gig with Dummycrusher, Mugstar and Dry Wretch

The Cellar, Oxford 17th April 2001
In association with Truck Records, support to Dustball

W.D.Suttons, Southport 22nd March 2001
Benefit gig with Silva, Birdman and Lapse

The Portland Arms, Cambridge 22nd February 2001
In association with Green Mind. With CRS and Skinrush

Upstairs at the Garage, London 15th February 2001
In association with the Continental Drifts. With Pain and My Astro Lover

The Blues Tavern II, Sleaford 10th February 2001
Blues Tavern's 10th Birthday with other UK bands

Barfly at the Monarch, London 5th February 2001
The diseased bellow once more. A Shifty Disco night with Jack Drag and Morbius

The White Horse, High Wycombe 2nd February 2001
Just after the hardcore (no guitars), with crave and uurrgghhhh!(you don't wanna know)

Sloanes, Taunton 1st February 2001
With Chikinki, Big Joan, Theodore 4 and Others in association with SinkandStove

The 13th Note, Scotland 30th January 2001
"Never been to Scotland in our lives". With Jack Drag and Pluto Monkey

The Lomax, Liverpool 29th January 2001
'Injured Birds' Release with Birdman and Jack Drag

The Man On The Moon, Cambridge on 20th January 2001
Mad cap evening followed by a visit to the most civilized rock club in the world

The Fat Surfer, Grays 19th January 2001
We hope Alex got home OK

Secret Location, Lancaster 16th December 2000
Thanks to Lee Micheals for his magical whimsical wizardry

The Lil' Back Yard, London 14th December 2000
A showcase of bands from the Circuit Live Tour

The Blues Tavern II, Sleaford 3rd December 2000
All by ourselves. Hair and Guitars don't mix

The Man On The Moon, Cambridge on 18th November 2000
with Lounge and Land of Raa

Night and Day Cafe, Manchester on the 16th November 2000
The Lomax, Liverpool on the 15th November 2000
The Corporation Club, Sheffield on the 14th November 2000
with Corleone and Rio6

Josephs Well, Leeds on 4th November 2000
with Kenosha and Albeit in association with

Dublin Castle, London on 1st November 2000
with Overload and Fagan

Crosby Comrades Club on the 20th October 2000
with Divide, Fat Fireman and Protocol


The Shed, Leicester on the 16th October 2000
with Molina and No Exit

Southport Arts Centre on the 29th September 2000
with Birdman and D-bug

Night & Day Cafe, Manchester on the 26th September 2000
IN THE CITY with Politburo, Circus Girls and Jackie'O

The Barons, Burscough on the 20th September 2000
with Tokyo Adventures and Fastplant

A Suffolk Festival, Suffolk on the 22nd July 2000
with a naked Ska band and DJ's

The Roadhouse, Manchester on the 15th July 2000
with The Jokers, Toy Soldiers and The Strange Days

The Masque, Liverpool on the 1st July 2000
with The Void and Grass Soup

The Rocket/Cockpit, Leeds on the 15th June 2000
Night and Day Cafe, Manchester on the 14th June 2000
Lomax?, Liverpool on the 13th June
with Superelectric and Rio6

Hull University, Hull on the 9th of June 2000
Outdoor festival called Megagig

The Monarch, Camden on the 7th May 2000
with Vexred and Pharos

The Barons, Burscough on the 27th April 2000
To mark a year of gigging! With Daymaker, Trotsky and Denis Jones

The Cavern, Liverpool on the 17th April 2000
starting off a week long festival of local bands

The Rock Garden, Covent Garden on the 12th April 2000
with Fiesta and Support

The Adelphi, Preston on the 7th April 2000
with fi-lo radio (in association with Action Records!)

Dublin Castle, Camden, London on the 3rd April 2000
with Butterfly Scream and ????

The Redeye, Camden, London on the 29th March 2000
with Dose and Blueliner (Our first ever gig in London!)

Lomax (L2), Liverpool on the 22nd March 2000
with the Jelly's and 100 Reasons

Hull University, Hull (no, really?) on the 19th March 2000
with Shuriken plus University Bands

The Roadhouse, Manchester on the 17th February 2000
with Shep, Hard Cousin(?) and others
Wanna see a pic?


Monkey Madness, The Lomax 6th B'Day Party, Liverpool on the 25th November 1999
with Topper and Infinity Chimp

Dina's Album Release Party, Basement O'Neills, Liverpool on the 30th October 1999
with Dina, Bobba Fett, Dummycrusher and 86

Sound City, The Picket, Liverpool on the 24th October 1999
with OOBERMAN and Hayley's Cake!

The Lomax, Liverpool on the 23rd October 1999
with GALLON DRUNK and Dina!

Basement O'Neills, Liverpool on the 7th October 1999
with Dina

The Lomax, Liverpool on the 29th September 1999
with Fake Fur, Topeka, Linus & Kobe

The Picket, Liverpool on the 20th August 1999
along with Orson and Divide

The LOMAX!, Liverpool on the 17th August 1999
with Red Circle Divers, Cain & Boing

The Barons, Burscough on the 4th August 1999
with Godzukie (yay!) + DJ Vee

The Cavern, Liverpool on 29th July 1999
plus others

Battle of the Bands Final, Southport Arts Centre 16th July 1999
with Divide + two cover bands!!?! plus Pollen

The Zanzibar, Liverpool 9th July 1999
with lots of other bands

The Cavern!, Liverpool on Saturday 5th June 1999
with Pontoon, Marlowe and Troubador

Crosby Social Club, on 4th June 1999
supporting Divide

"Battle of the Bands Contest", Southport Arts Centre on 7th May 1999
accompanied by Opal, Graven Image and Poindexter

Mill at the Pier, Wigan on 23rd April 1999
also with Moco, Dead Weight and another one I cannot remember (really sorry!)

Barons, Burscough on 21st April 1999
also with Downer!

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