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Some luvverly ear candy for you to download...


Galileo - on Google Videos
Live at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester

Full Songs

My Chinese Burns (4m58s) - 128Mbs (4.54Mb), 64Mbs (2.27Mb)
The first track from our debut single

Disco Kill - DEMO (4m23s) - 128Mbs (4.02Mb), 64Mbs (1.99Mb)
One of our favourite 'kick ass' songs.

Galileo - DEMO (2m11s) - 128Mbs (2.00Mb), 64Mbs (1.00Mb)
Our end of set blow out. Nasty.


Injured Birds - DEMO (1m08s) - 128Mbs 1.00Mb (Not full song!)
Fave of John Peel, a catchy slow one.

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