Lomax Newsletter, November '99

The Carling Rock Northern Exposure League
And The Winner Is...

Monkey Steals The Drum

For the first time in Northern Exposures long running 10 month history, a band has won two monthly leagues. Not only that but, clinching first & second place for last months two consecutive gigs. And then imagine their surprise when one morning John Peel called them and said that he liked their stuff and wanted to put them on for Sound City.
"The thing is, I listen to hundreds of bands and your stuff is really rather good" said the king of radio and put them on the bill at the Picket with other Liverpool favourties Ooberman, the day after playing here with Gallon Drunk.
"I can't belive it" says singer Chris. "We've only played for an hour in Liverpool." Were that the streets of Liverpool are paved with gold, yet these are a good and hard working act to follow.

Whadya godda do ta Beat the Monkies?

(C) Copyright 1999 The Lomax.

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