The Lomax Newsletter, September '99

The Carling Rock Northern Exposure League
And The Winner Is...

Monkey Steals The Drum

And the show. The Lomax debutants pulled in over a hundred people on a grey Tuesday night on the 8.30pm shift. The band (Chris Ashcroft - Guitar/vocals, Phil lee-guitar, Adrian Cunliffe-Bass & Angela Walker-rhythm assault) formed in July '98, take their name from a tale from African folklore. Influenced by the American lo-fi & Grunge genres (Nirvana, Pavement, Pixies) and gigging for around four months, they describe their sound as "infectious, melodic guitar maelstrom". The music is adventurous & experimental & wanders through many territories with occasional tints of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, while Chris Ashcroft's voice is original, confident & mature.

Worth a look.

Everybody likes chimps don't they?

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