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Circuit tour - Rio 6, Monkey Steals The Drum and Superelectric

Rocket Venue - 14th June, 2000

London's Circuit magazine and Manchester's Charabanc Promotions have tonight arranged to bring Leeds three of the best bands from the top Northern cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. Tonight we are certainly blessed, as even tonight's "warm up" solo artist b a x t a shone with his accoustic set and amazing vocal quality, ala Jeff Buckley. A brilliant set to begin the night and to set the stage for the forthcoming events...

First up are Manchester's Rio 6, a band who charmed us with their accoustic, country-folk style, a sort of early Beatles brought into the year 2000, a modern rock edge on very talented, artistic, accoustic base. And with the confident vocalist's swagger - "This song's available at Piccadilly records...but that's in Manchester, so doesn't really make much difference to you, does it?" - the audience get to see Rio 6 in all their glory.

Next up are another amazing band, this time from Liverpool. Monkey Steals The Drum have this week featured on the Peel Session, after they were contacted by the show's famous host who was impressed with their music. I too was impressed with their music, as they take the grunge, lo-fi rock of the early ninety's (Nirvana, Pixies, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, etc), mix it around, add their own special ingredients, and finally serve up an imense display of alternative rock'n'roll. The band end with a mental display, that would make any person feel intimidated and scared of the Monkey's lead singer....

Finally, up step Leeds' very own indie-guitar/dance cross-over band Superelectric. Superelectric feature the best of the poppy electronic music, with guitar, keyboard and decks along with the "indie" look of the main man, the vocalist, the guy who gets so involved in the music you can see every beat and every note through his on-stage antics - the on-stage show matches their music quality. Imagine Stereo MCs, add in a little Soup Dragons, and modern day beats and you can go Superelectric.


Review by Dave Sugden.

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