The Adverstiser, November 16, 2000
Monkey business drums up sales

MONKEY BUSINESS: Angie Walker, Chris Ashcroft, Phil Lee and Adrian Cunliffe. aka 'Monkey Steals The Drum' have released thier first single, 'My Chinese Burns' which is now available from all good record shops.

OUTSELLING West Life is something the Spice Girls can only dream of this week but one local band have done just that with their first single - at Ormskirk's very own Quirks Records.

Four-piece rock band Monkey Steals The Drum have achieved national critical acclaim with their own brand of garage rock.
Just last year, radio DJ'ing legend John Peel heard their demo tape and immediately called them to play at a gig he was organising. Since that time Monkey have developed their friendship with the music guru, who has kick started the careers of many big time bands, and recorded a number of prestigious 'sessions' for his Radio One show.
The latest of which coinciding with the release of the band's first single, Disco Kill (My Chinese Burns).

Lead singer/ guitarist Chris Ashcroft founded the band two-and-a-half years ago, with lead guitarist/ vocalist Phil Lee, bass player/ vocalist and Angela Walker providing the 'rhythm assault' (drums to you and me).

Looking as pleased as the monkey that stole the drum, Chris said: "We are really pleased at how well the single has sold. It sold out at a number of places including HMV in Liverpool and Quirks right here in Ormskirk forcing them to reorder and restock to keep up with demand.
"As well as benefiting from the Radio One John Peel sessions, we are also grateful for the support of our growing army of loyal fans who follow us to various gigs. Thanks to our new website, we have gained support from all over."
Confirming their title as one of the biggest bands in the region, Monkey were invited to join in a major BBC Music Live gig in Liverpool, in which they were to perform alongside the likes of Space, Public Enemy, Asian Dub Foundation and Run DMC. But the gig was mysteriously cancelled at the last minute.
"The Music Live gig was to be a really big event for Liverpool as a hole, and particulary for us," Chris said. "But unfortunately it just never happened.
"There were a few rumours flying around as to why, but i don't think e'll ever really know.
"We are gaining a lot of support for our music from various quarters in the industry, but the true scale of how well we are doing is how well the single has sold. Considering we released it through the small label Action Records label it has been great.
"But what has been even better is outselling West Life and the despicable Spice Girls. It was worth releasing a singe just for that."

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